As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa worsens, Nazarene churches in the affected areas are asking for prayer and support.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms the disease has killed 1,145 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Nigeria. Liberia, where the Church of the Nazarene has a large presence, has had more deaths caused by Ebola than the other countries in the affected area.

“People are deeply worried and engulfed with fear,” said Daniel Johnson, Liberia district superintendent.

This Ebola outbreak is one of the largest in history, and is the first to take place in West Africa. The outbreak has affected both urban centers and remote, rural areas, making it hard to contain.

Johnson reports that the major hospitals in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city, are closed, resulting in additional deaths from otherwise treatable diseases, including malaria, typhoid, and diarrhea.

Borders are closed to prevent further spread of the disease, causing food and medical supply scarcity for more than 1 million people in the affected region, according to United Nations health officials.

Nazarene churches are responding by providing health education in communities within the major Ebola hot spots. The education program teaches church and community members how to identify those at risk, how to spot symptoms of Ebola, and how to prevent the spread of the disease.

Churches are also working to provide supplies related to prevention and hygiene, including chlorine, disinfectants, soap, pump buckets, and gloves. In addition, they will provide food and vitamins to strengthen the health and immune systems of community members.

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